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We specialize in visual – interaction design and software integration.


Icons and illustration

Your customers needs to fall in love with your business. We are the Cupidons of the strategy. Great designs are not only coloured shapes they are also an emotional experience that feels natural to the user. Icons and illustrations are one of key strengths and we make sure that your users will enjoy every moment spent on your product.


Logos and branding

Your business your soul, your story, your mark. This is our strength we tell the story of your business with full branded logo and identity elements. We believe we are stunning at creating identities. We don’t go by the book and we don’t have a style. Your business is our book and your products is our style.



No, not every project is special! Every project is unique. We still think there’s a big difference between special and unique. We have integrated services that will process 40,000 HTML emails in 1 hour and that is special, because out there are integration components that will process 1,000,000 HTML emails in 30 minutes. On the other hand we have integrated payment gateways which process and take the load of 80 payments requests on a 5 minute loop. Everything is logged, PCI compliant and secure. This is unique.
We can achieve everything if process is understandable by everybody. We are LEAN.


Visual Design

We build identity manuals since 2005 and this is not all. We have the appropriate ingredients for any applications types. From web with grid, layouts, typography, colors, texture to heavy web forms necessary in highly time consuming cloud computation. Desktop or mobile application? Done that, too!



We start working with prototyping, quick and dirty. In the initial phases we do repetitive small releases. Then based on the feature completion checks we continuously extend the product based on goals and requirements. When you develop we apply daily QA, bug fixing. Improvement comes along with the pre-releases.


Customer Support & Guidence

We fully document our work. Can’t find the answer to your question?  No problem!  We’ll gladly help out. Do you need guidance? We can help you with that too.

Meet the Team

We promise we won't bite

Mihai Marcu

Mihai Marcu

Creative Director

Designing since 1997. Starting with flayers, logos and 3D. Winner of 3D speed rending competition on 3D Total, I have always pushed the limits and materialised the customers concepts in beautiful designs. I have high expertise in using Adobe Photoshop CS-CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS-CS5, Adobe Flash CS-CS5, Adobe Premiere CS-CS5, Adobe After Effects CS-CS5, Adobe Indesign CS-CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS-CS5, 3dsMax 9-2012, RayFire, FumeFX, Vray, Corel Draw X5, QuarkXPress, Maya 2010. With more than 100 active projects in branding, illustration, animation, web design, packing, TV/print ads and design workshop, I can accept any challenge.

Cristinel Marcu

Cristinel Marcu

Technical Software Architect

I started programming back in 2000 with C/C++ for blue chip company. Not long after, I continued with building websites, intranets, web components for local startups. I have integrated ecommerce backends using Magento [PHP] and became an advocate for WordPress as CMS [PHP]. I have used from the childbirth of the framework the .NET [C#] for web and desktop application including Windows Forms, WCF, WPF and ASP. In the latest years MVC [4] ASP. NET became “de facto” element for any enterprise project integration, unless there is better option for it.

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Passion for design

We have believed from the beginning of our commitment in our creative powers. We believed in the next possible step which marks history and the web-app universe.

We give shape to anything you need for the next business space jump. For a long time we have “split the atoms” how we like to say and we have been recognised for pushing the envelope in any project undertaken. We have been exposed to many trends and technologies as passionate meta-krafters creative individuals.

We design and develop beautiful websites and apps.
Enough said.


How we do it !



Yes of course we listen. You are paying for it!
If you know what you want and is already out there, this doesn’t means we need to copy it! We like to have an honest and fair discussion [tea included]. We need to build our trust. Trust is the base for the grand plan. We defined together the goals and product requirements which should define the macro view of the project plan. We need to understand your business model and collect data for insight and opportunities. Then we’ll apply the strategy and define the road map for designing the right solution.

It doesn’t matter if is a flyer, a logo or an eCommerce website. The care and support has the same level.


Design & Build

Yes there is a methodology like this. It’s ours. It’s unique due the current external factors like: time, resource, product on market. Everything we do is a repetitive cycle uniquely defined by the time frame, resources [technology, team capabilities, general knowledge] and product on market. We try to respond to a few questions:

% How quickly does your product need to be on the market?
% What is the number of features your product needs to be viable on the market?
% What is going to be your product in 6 months from launching?


Architecture – Scalability, Dependencies, Risks

We answer most of the questions in our LISTEN session. We do Architecture alongside with the development plan and the entire integration definition. There is not any separation of concerns. Of course we are keeping in mind the scalability, dependencies and risks. Everything is defined in the project plan and development architecture.


Prototyping and Maturity

We start working with prototyping, quick and dirty. In initials phases we do repetitive small releases. Then based on the feature completion checks we extend continuously the product based on goals and requirements. When you develop we apply daily QA, bug fixing. Improvement comes along with the pre-releases.


Measure to Improve

After first production release, it’s only the beginning. Then we start analysing using tools like Analytics or UI and Code Improvement Standards and Trends [effectiveness is important so refactoring is one of the elements that we consider] and on-going support to ensure that your product doesn’t stand still in its on-going pursuit to find a better way.


We love to make new friends

 Contact Info

For the moment the team is working on extra projects and is fully involved. Therefore we do apologize if there is no any means to be contacted. We promise we will be back soon when we are available. You can contact us via our social connectors.

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